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We are CTS

Computer Technology Services(CTS) is a technology company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We have knowledge and competence in designing, developing and maintaining complex information systems. Our engineers have many years of experience in the area which enables us to meet our clients’ most demanding requirements and adopt an individual approach to every issue we deal with.

We put a special emphasis on prompt communication with our clients and the quality of the solutions we develop. We specialise in developing advanced server systems as well as soft web and mobile solutions. If you are looking for a reliable IT partner, CTS is the right choice.

Building and designing environments.

Our main specialization areas involve designing and launching efficient information environments, programming and IT consulting.

Application monitoring.

We constantly monitor particular elements of the information system in the environments we maintain, so in case of a breakdown we are able to respond immediately to the failure that has occurred.

Software Development.

The scope of our activities also includes software development, a multi-stage process which involves planning, prototyping, developing, testing and launching the IT system. We offer a complete package of services which guarantees a spot-on development of the dedicated software.

Professional consulting services.

We also provide consulting services. Our goal is to properly identify the client’s needs so that we can address them with a carefully chosen solution.

We are a group of professional consultants with many years of experience in the IT field focused on high availability and application performance.

Create Backlog

The first step is to establish the order in which particular features of the product or application will be developed. When doing that, we take into account our client’s requirements and expectations. Prioritizing and specifying the amount of work that needs to be done are both vital stages as they ensure a smooth development and final delivery of the product.


Sprint planning and stories review

Once we have set our priorities and specified what needs to be done and at what stage, we create user stories which are then assigned to Sprint and Scrum teams. Every story is evaluated according to its level of difficulty and receives a certain number of points.


Iterative development with daily stand up

Having gone through stages 1 and 2, CTS can start an overall development process. The team members meet every day to review the work progress, discuss the challenges they face and suggest possible solutions. They set daily targets for themselves, the accomplishment of which will be reviewed during the next day stand-up. The client is welcomed to participate in the meetings.


Customer review and application release

At the end of every Sprint, the application is demonstrated to the client and released according to the best practices of Release Management, starting from the lowest environments. A Quality Assurance Engineer releases a test which verifies the application reliability. The team holds a retrospective meeting to analyse the Sprint which has just been completed and suggest ways of improving the next one.

Our Professional Services

The analysis of your company requirements

We will analyse your requirements which will let us make an outline of a functional project. We will also create a project of the architecture of the system which will describe technical aspects of the system using UML.

Software development

Having the architecture in place, we implement the intended functionalities. Our software engineers are competent in many technologies and applying best codding practices during the code development process.

Quality Assurance - software testing

Testing is done to minimise the risk of serious mistakes in software. Engineers either develop a testing code (automatic test) or produce a report from a manual test. Automatic tests are done on build servers and result from a change being registered in the basic code in the software.

Designing and deploying environments

We offer services connected with designing, developing, maintaining and monitoring server environments as part of the project or independently on client’s demand. The main features of the environments we design are high availability and scalability.

IT Support

We offer administrator’s and developer’s support in relation to systems/environments developed by us or other providers. We provide our customers with a system for making remarks or reporting failures should such come up.

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